Amélie Mégret (0033). Bilingual English-French licensed tour guide Cathar Country official tour guide Love at first sight... that's how it all began! My path initially seemed to be all mapped out: the taste for transmission and foreign languages naturally led me to teaching. I passed a 3-year university degree called "Linguistics, Literature and Civilisation … Continue reading Amélie

Guide conférencière Anna Philippe


Your tour guide offers guided tours in English, French and Spanish . '33 6 86 11 20 39 I like to think that art is everywhere, all the time, all we need to do is look around us. I am a graduate in Modern Litterature and History of Art, so it is very naturally … Continue reading Anna



Julien Gendron Licensed tour guide who offers cultural services in French, English and Spanish licensed tour guide +33 6 70 40 70 22 I graduated as a guide in 2009. I studied in Narbonne and after my graduation I realized how much I loved this land that adopted me... The Cathar country has a wild … Continue reading Julien