Amélie Mégret


Bilingual English-French licensed tour guide

Cathar Country official tour guide

Love at first sight… that’s how it all began!

My path initially seemed to be all mapped out: the taste for transmission and foreign languages naturally led me to teaching. I passed a 3-year university degree called “Linguistics, Literature and Civilisation of the English-Speaking World“, then headed to Glasgow, in my beloved Scotland, and worked as a Foreign Language Assistant for a year.

Once back home, my summer job as a local guide in the medieval city of Carcassonne ended up being a life changing experience… I just had to become a tour guide!

In 2009, I passed the “Licensed Tour Guide” university degree. Right from the beginning, I chose to work freelance: I was longing to be free to work in various cities and sites!

I am particularly fond of subjects like the Middle-Ages, the Cathars, religious or civilian architecture, history of art…

As far as my comfort zone is concerned… well, it is quite wide! I have specialised in the Cathar Country (Carcassonne, Cathar castles and sites…), but I do loads of excursions and long tours, in Southern France mostly. I can show you around the Languedoc: Toulouse, Albi, the Pont du Gard, Avignon… the Roussillon and Cubist art; or the beauties of Provence, with Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Cassis… the Dordogne also has a lot to offer with its medieval castles and prehitoric caves and wall-paintings. Some previous tour lead me to Bordeaux, Saint Emilion, or even Paris, the Mont Saint Michel and the Loire Valley!

To me, folklore, nature and gastronomy are also entirely part of our “French heritage”. Every area is a whole new world! with its legends, its landscapes and flavors. Let me take you to amazing restaurants were locals go… yummy!

I am comfortable with visitors of all ages. Groups of teenagers, adults… families or solo travelers.

All the moves and changes in my life have given me the passion for cultural discovery and new encounters, a passion that I long to pass on! now it is my turn to introduce others to the beauties of my country… always with a smile!

Take the hassle out of sightseeing! relax and enjoy it, and let me do the work!

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