Amélie Mégret


Bilingual English-French guide-lecturer

Guide to cathar country

It’s a crush. That’s what led me to be a guide tour!

My path seemed to be all mapped out: the taste for transmission and foreign languages naturally led me to teaching. License of English in pocket and IUFM completed, it is a “summer job” in the city of Carcassonne that sparked … guidance was imposed on me!

I was able to make my weapons as a Heritage Facilitator and Lecturer at the Fortress of Salses, in addition to visits to Carcassonne and excursions in the Deep South. Today, it is on a good part of our territory that I will enjoy guiding you, and why not, accompany you abroad?

Even globetrotting myself in my spare time, what could be more logical than taking curious minds on a cultural circuit? what could be more exhilarating than to bring to life monuments that lie dormant?

This life of guide perfectly (almost!) links everything that makes me vibrate: the taste of conviviality, the pleasure of learning, then transmit, and finally, the chance to evolve at the heart of this heritage that I love so much.

Follow the guide, and the old stones will start talking! You’ll see, passion is contagious.

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