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légende de dame carcas à la cité

Lady Carcas

We had to tell you about our symbol, Lady Carcas! According to the legend, she gave her name to the city. Let's go back to the 8th century, when the Sarazins occupied the walls. The city was under the reign of Lord Balak when Charlemagne's army arrived and besieged the city. Well, as far as … Continue reading Lady Carcas


Amélie Mégret (0033). Bilingual English-French licensed tour guide Cathar Country official tour guide Love at first sight... that's how it all began! My path initially seemed to be all mapped out: the taste for transmission and foreign languages naturally led me to teaching. I passed a 3-year university degree called "Linguistics, Literature and Civilisation … Continue reading Amélie

Guide conférencière Anna Philippe


Your tour guide offers guided tours in English, French and Spanish . '33 6 86 11 20 39 I like to think that art is everywhere, all the time, all we need to do is look around us. I am a graduate in Modern Litterature and History of Art, so it is very naturally … Continue reading Anna



Julien Gendron Licensed tour guide who offers cultural services in French, English and Spanish licensed tour guide +33 6 70 40 70 22 I graduated as a guide in 2009. I studied in Narbonne and after my graduation I realized how much I loved this land that adopted me... The Cathar country has a wild … Continue reading Julien