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Amélie Mégret (0033). Bilingual English-French guide-lecturer Guide to cathar country It's a crush. That's what led me to be a guide tour! My path seemed to be all mapped out: the taste for transmission and foreign languages naturally led me to teaching. License of English in pocket and IUFM completed, it is a "summer … Continue reading Amélie


Your guide offers guided tours in French, Spanish and English. '33 6 86 11 20 39 I enjoy thinking that art is before our eyes all the time, just look for it. A graduate of Modern Letters and Art History, it was quite natural that the profession of guide speaker came to me. After … Continue reading Anna

Julien '33 6 70 40 70 22 Guide lecturer graduated in French, English and Spanish I have been a graduate guide-lecturer since 2009. I was trained in Narbonne and after graduation I realized how attached I am to this land of adoption... The Cathar country has a wild charm like no other. History is omnipresent … Continue reading Julien