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I you’re looking for a guided tour in Carcassonne and it’s area, here I’m !

Tour guide in Carcassonne and Southern France, and long stays tour leader

Tours in French, English and Spanish

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I am a graduate in History of Art and Tourism. If you’re looking for a guided tour in Carcassonne and it’s area, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can also guide you all along your trip in the South France .

I am fond of life and curious about the world around us, so I was definitely meant to be a guide.
With every site that we discover, there is a new aspect to find out about, a curiosity that needs to be satisfied, new ideas that can be shared. And always, my desire to transmit this heritage.

I was born near Paris, but I decided to leave the capital a long time ago. I have then travelled a lot in France. Indeed, I have lived in various areas, such as Avignon, then Rodez. I later moved to Corsica and spent 2 years on this island, before settling down in Carcassonne. This region is such a playground, for a guide! We can talk about all periods of history, from Antiquity to Modern Times, there is so much to say.

Your visit

For the duration of the visit, I can guarantee you that you will forget about time. We will dive into the heart of History. Keep your eyes and ears wide open and let me guide you!

Do you feel like you are in a different place? nothing surprising, because you are indeed already in the past ! let’s take a look at the daily lives of these men and women… with me, you will hear about their great destinies, you will vibrate with the exploits of the heroes of the past… they are all part of the events which have shaped our long history.

If you wish to have more than a visit, there are several other possibilities.

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