Costume tour of Minerve

Oyez, Oyez come to discover the City of Minerve during a costumed tour of Minerve in the company of a historical figure.

Minerve is a village in Herat, ranked among the “most beautiful villages in France”. Perched on a rocky peak, the remains of the medieval castle and its famous “candela” attract the attention of the visitor.

This place was the scene of the Albigeois Crusade, and a witness to the tragic destiny of the Cathars. Our guide will retrace its tumultuous history with passion and shed light on the treasures of this medieval gem.

Minerve is a land of unsuspecting spirit that deserves your visit.

  • Historic 1:30 hour visit to the medieval village
  • 2-hours tour of the village with walk under a natural bridge

  • Classic 150 euros visit rate of 1 hour and a half for a group of up to 40 people beyond providing a second costumed guide for a fee of 300 euros. Sportsman 190 price for the visit of 2 hours for a group of 40 people maximum beyond provide a second costumed guide for a price of 380. The tour includes a walk in the gorges and passage under a natural bridge and requires good physical condition.

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