Guided tour of Montpellier

Montpellier is an ever-changing metropolis, and it is full of treasures. The heart of the city, named “the shield” because of its shape, has an extraordinarily varied heritage. Our visit to Montpellier will lead us to discover the grand Place de la Comédie and its Haussmannian buildings, the historic districts of Montpellier as well as the Royal Square of Peyrou.

With the visit of Montpellier, you will travel between the Middle Ages and contemporary times in this thousand-year-old city with a thousand faces.

  • 2-hour tour of the historic centre outdoors
  • 3-hour tour of the historic centre and the Fabre Museum

Classic 150 euros 2-hour tour rate for a group of up to 40 people beyond providing a second guide for a rate of 300 euros. Luxury 200 euros fare for the visit of 3 hours for a group of 40 people maximum beyond provide a second guide for a rate of 400. The tour includes the Fabre Museum and its permanent collections as well as the Pierre Soulage space

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