Stay in Cathar Country

Here is a stay in Cathar country “key in hand” on the lands of the mysterious heretics.

We can adapt to your request for a more personalized stay but here is an example of what we offer on the Cathar theme.

On the first day

You will discover the City of Carcassonne, its imposing castle and its majestic Basilica Of St-Nazaire and St-Celse. The day could continue with a walk on the Canal du Midi.

A second day

Dedicated to the ascent of 4 Castles of Lastours: Surdespine, Quertineux, Tour Régine and Cabaret. We can continue our walk in the Minervois with a visit to the abbey and the village of Caunes-Minervois and the discovery of the medieval village of Minerva. A wine tasting can be organized according to your convenience.

The third day

Dedicated to the Cathar castles of Quéribus and Peyreperthuse. These two citadels of vertigo mark the ancient border with the Kingdom of Aragon. Like sentinels, they stand proudly on their rocky peaks and below the villages of Duilhac and Cucugnan watch them.

Our fourth day

Oriented towards the Mediterranean. We will start our day at the abbey of Fontfroide, which is one of the most beautiful Cistercian abbeys in France. We will then head to Narbonne to discover the Roman and medieval remains. Finally, the picturesque village of Gruissan will offer us a stunning panorama of the sea and salts.

Our fifth day

Visit to Albi, which has been a World Heritage Site since 2010. We will admire The Cathedral of St Cecilia and the Episcopal Palace of Berbie. We will be able to walk through the Toulouse-Lautrec museum and continue our stay towards Cordes-sur-ciel. This 13th century Bastide is a “high place” of catharism and a stage on the way to Santiago de Compostela. Cordes-sur-ciel was rated “favorite village” by the French in 2014 by Stéphane Bern’s show.

Possible extensions:

  • A day in Ariège with mirepoix’s visit and the ascent of Montsegur Castle.
  • A day in Toulouse with a downtown with the discovery of the Capitol, the St. Sernin’s Basilica and the Jacobin Convent. Afternoon perhaps devoted to the visit of the Hall of the Machine, space atypical newly opened.

The proposals for this stay are adaptable because we want to respond precisely at your request.

Stay in Cathar country in French, English or Spanish.

Accessibility: Some Cathar castles are difficult to access, provide walking shoes.

  • One day of your choise
Full stay
  • 5 days of guidance and accompaniment

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