Carcassonne by night

What could be more fascinating and mysterious than a medieval town in the evening light? May the fun be with you, for this visit of Carcassonne by night.

This unsusual guided tour will immerse you in a special atmosphere. The secrets of the City will be whispered to your ears. Between historical reality and night-time daydreaming this experience is an opportunity to discover Carcassonne in a different way.

When all the shops close and the tourists are gone you can really enjoy the beauty of the city. Follow your guide through the labyrinth of narrow streets and listen to the stories of the ancient times.

Can you hear the ghosts of the past? Don’t be afraid of the dark, we are here to shed light on the History of the city!

Come with us and visit Carcassonne by night! It’s even more beautiful with a full moon.

  • One-hour night tour

The rates are based on a group of up to 40 people beyond providing a second guide. Entrances to the comtal castle are not included in the service and are to be provided in addition For more information regarding the opening hours of the castle and the prices of entrances, visit the CMN website.

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