Guided tour with a knight or a lady in Carcassonne’s medieval city

Let’s discover our majestic citadel! Thanks to this guided tour with a knight or a lady in Carcassonne, you will be with a flamboyant medieval character .

You will time travel, that’s for sure! you will hear all about the daily life and the customs of our ancestors. Carcassonne’s past won’t have any more secrets for you!

With your guide, you’ll live the tour as a tale, with both folklore and historical facts. You will be introduced to “the time of the knights.”

As you walk between the two remparts, you’ll feel like a knight in the heart of a battle!

Once inside the walls, you’ll meet the inhabitants of the medieval town, and you may be able to see the viscount or the governor, who knows !

Through the labyrinth of narrow streets leading to the castle, enjoy some music, dancing, and banquets.

After all the partying, it’s time to save your soul, so you’ll proceed to the Basilica, but becarefull… the Inquisition is watching!

The guided tour with a knight or a lady in Carcassonne is highly recommended for the young ones, so come and experience the Middle Ages with your pupils!

An adult version is also possible for special events, please contact us!

guided tour with a knigth in carcassonne medieval city
  • 1 hour visit in the Medieval City

Beware! this tour is a bit crazy and lots of fun! so if you’re looking for a more academic tour, click on the red button bellow.

Only the guide wears a costume, but feel free to wear your own, it can only be more fun.

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