Carcassonne Political Film Festival

This is the second year that Carcassonne is hosting the political film festival and we have something to be very proud of. From 10 to 14 December 2019 the Carcassonne Convention Centre will host the festival. Present personalities such as Stéphane Guillon or François-Xavier Demaison and many others.

Committed cinema, divided between documentaries and fiction. Programming addresses all the societal problems that the world is currently going through.
Radicalization, immigration, ecology, political and journalistic scandals are all numerous and varied themes that ensure the diversity and richness of the festival.

This year the focus was particularly on women, their place in society and their injuries.

Women's film poster presented at Carcassonne political film festival

In all, about thirty screenings are open to the public to make us reflect on these current topics. We take a lot of it and come out stunned. It hits where it hurts!

Notably the movie Midnight traveler which was for me the pearl of the festival, I loved it! In the film we follow the Afghan director Hassan Fazili forced to flee his country to put himself out of danger with his family. A journey that will take them to Europe. Three years of filming, 300 hours of video edited into a film of 1:30 that makes us vibrate with emotion. A true testimony to the long journey in the name of life and freedom.

A big congratulations in conclusion to Henzo Lefevre, a brilliant young man to whom we owe the Carcassonne political film festival. He has made it a great success his two consecutive years especially since the work done does not stop at the film screening for an insider audience.

Beyond the festival, it has a real act of commitment through the work done with young audiences. Screenings and debates to open the eyes of new generations on sensitive and poignant topics.

Screening room of the Carcassonne political film festival

We can’t wait to be here next year to discover the new selection. Book your December in Carcassonne!

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