Carca Express 2019

On July 26 and August 20, the Carca Express was held in the City of Carcassonne. A look back at this new game at the City.

The Carca Express queesaco?

It is a game, created by the team of Carcassonnetours in collaboration with two other guide-lecturers Antonella Grieco and Jacqueline Grillon, which takes you to discover the City.

Form a team, take a notebook and you’re on your way to the City to discover iconic places. As the pages go by, test your knowledge of the Middle Ages and take on delusional challenges! Photo, video, poetry everything goes! Express your skills to score points and gain the edge over your competitors.

If you are fast, you will gain precious minutes to solve the final puzzle and get your hands on the war loot.

For this first edition 2019 many of you took up the challenge, to rejoice with your laughter and your enthusiasm. Overflowing with creativity, some teams have managed the feat of surprising us. The bar is set very high for the rest.

Thanks again to everyone who chose to try the Carca Express adventure, you have been many and we hope to meet you for more adventures next year.

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