Incentive in Carcassonne: CARCA EXPRESS

Incentive in Carcassonne : Experience the medieval city.

The incentive in Carcassonne is CARCA EXPRESS. Allow your teams to have a memorable time and to find a strong cohesion and work dynamic in an exceptional place.

You are looking for an original outing between two conferences or you need to create a group synergy or just search for adventure? Set out to conquer the City of Carcassonne!

Take part in this unique life-size game that immerses you in the heart of the Medieval City!

Your mission, if you accept it, Knights 2.0, is to infiltrate the City to reveal its secrets. Team up and combine your talents to compete with your challengers in a crazy race. An enriching and entertaining cultural experience. Don’t hesitate, come and live your glory hours!

Every years new clients like Airbus or Pole Emploi trust us for their team building activities.

This Incentive activity in Carcassonne is available in French and English.

  • Maximum of 40 participants, duration 2 hours, “classic reward”
  • Maximum of 40 participants, duration 2 hours, “luxury reward”

Carca Express is a team game. Carcassonnetours will provide you with the necessary equipment, however, each team will have to be equipped with a smartphone.

The proposed rates are based on a group of up to 40 people (beyond providing a second guide).

The incentive in CARCASSONNE.

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