Guided tour of Minerve

During the guided tour of Minerve you will discover a treasure nestled between the valley of the Cesse and the Brian. This medieval gem has a tumultuous history. This place was the scene of the Albigeois Crusade and witness to the tragic destiny of the Cathars. 140 Heretics have been burn on the stake at the end of the siege lead by Simon de Montfort in 1210.

Other clashes took place on these lands during the Wars of Religion. Minerva is a land that deserves your visit.

Minerve is a village in Herault, ranked among the “most beautiful villages in France”. Perched on a rocky peak, the remains of the medieval castle and its famous “candela” attract the attention of the visitor. Do not miss the natural bridges these immense bridges. The natural bridges are real geological curiosities, dug into the limestone rock by erosion millions of years ago.

  • Historic 1:30 hour tour in the medieval village
  • 2-hour tour of the village with walk under a “natural bridge”

Classic: 125-hour tour rate for a group of up to 40 people, plus a second guide for a rate of 250 euros.

Hiking:150 euros price for the visit of 2 hours for a group of 40 people maximum. (beyond provide a second guide for a price of 300 euros). The tour includes a walk in the gorges and passage under a natural bridge. A good physical condition is required.

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