Your guide offers guided tours in French, Spanish and English.

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I enjoy thinking that art is before our eyes all the time, just look for it.

A graduate of Modern Letters and Art History, it was quite natural that the profession of guide speaker came to me. After obtaining my National Diploma of National Interpreter Guide, I practiced my profession in the prestigious Fabre Museum in Montpellier. This experience gave me the opportunity to rub shoulders with all types of audiences. I frequently conducted a lecture for academics followed by an educational animation for a kindergarten class.

After four years in this institution, with this learning and enriched with multiple knowledge, I chose to sail to other horizons. I then established myself as an independent guide in the Carcassonne region. Since then, I have never stopped discovering new treasures! I love sharing them with everyone and soon, with you, I hope! There are diamonds to polish everywhere and wonders to explore, let’s admire them!

You will have seized, I am passionate about architecture and painting but my cute sin is the theater. So together we can follow a guided tour with quality historical and cultural content but don’t forget we’ll smile and even laugh. If you enjoy more “offbeat or unusual” visits, I am your guide. I put on my medieval costume and you will relive “the time of the cathedrals” .

Culture is a game, let’s have fun!

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